Designing a new brand identity is a highly creative and involved process made up of a number of key stages.

It is a process which requires relevant and up-to-date commercial intelligence, client input and designer instinct in order to create a brand which will both reflect its true essence and emotionally connect with its target audience.

Take our work with eco-lodge Gyreum as an example. As 'Ireland's greenest getaway' we needed to create a brand identity which rooted the lodge in the rural environment which is it's home. To capture the colours and textures of the landscape, and the environmentally-friendly ethos, our design team hand crafted a template for the logo from recycled linoleum.

gyreum logo design

Once your new brand identity is in place, we would always advise that a brand guidelines document is created to support its use and deployment.

For more information on our brand identity design service, speak to our Head of Brand Consultancy, David Adams. You can say hello using the contact form below, or by calling 01524 548948.