A tag line, or strap line, is a great way to add a little more personality to your brand. Sitting alongside your brand name, it can help explain what your business does, why customers choose you, or simply set the tone for the rest of your marketing messages.

While not essential, many brands operate without one, it can be a great differentiator and also inspire customers to find out more about you.

Tag lines

We find the best way to go about developing a tag line is to complete a brand audit. It gives us a great insight into your brand as it stands, and understand the right tone and message your tagline should communicate.

This, together with some independent research into your competitors and marketplace, puts our team in a great position to come up with some carefully crafted options for you to consider. We’ll always give you a rationale for each, though the sign of a great tag line is that it doesn’t need an explanation.

As with all aspects of branding, tag lines can become dated or inaccurate over time as your business develops. A refresh can not only ensure it is reflecting your current positioning, but also breathe new life into your marketing in general. So, if you do use one already, it is worth assessing how long you have had it, and if it is still fit for purpose. This is something we would cover in our brand audit process.

For more information about tag lines, or any of our branding services, the best person to speak to is our Head of Brand Consultancy, David. You’ll catch him on 01524 548948, or request a call back using the form at the bottom of this page. We can’t wait to work with you!