Google Tag Manager (GTM) is Google’s solution for facilitating the deployment of tracking tags across websites and apps. After launch in 2012 it has rapidly become the most popular tag management solution across the web.

Save Time, Gain Control

Most businesses will be using some form of analytics package to glean insights into how people behave once they're on site. Tags (small bits of code added to your website) are key to gathering the data that drives analytics packages.

Without a tag management system you often have to rely on your web developers to add new tags to your site. This often involves additional costs or can be delayed as the deployment of tags is put into a longer development queue. Using a tag manager for the placement of tags is something that can be taken care of by site owners or marketing teams.

There are many benefits to GTM that have made it Fat Media’s first choice when it comes to tag management:

  • Tags can be deployed quickly and easily without the need for developers
  • A range of pre-configured tags and events available
  • Accommodates more advanced tracking requirements
  • Live debugging
  • Simple user management
  • Works across websites and apps
  • Cost (GTM is free to use)

Whether you’re launching a new website or app and want to include tag management as a part of it, are looking to migrate from hard-coded tags to GTM or just want some pointers on setting up custom tracking, we can help.

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Google Tag Manager Packages

Looking to get set up with Google Tag Manager but not sure where to start? We now have a range of packages designed to get you started on your journey to better data.