Looking to get started with Google Tag Manager but want to manage your costs? Or do you want a guide to how to use Tag Manager and benefit from it in your business? We now have fixed price packages for Tag Manager implementation and Training that will allow you to quickly get set up with better tracking in Google Analytics so you can start getting more from your data.

Google Tag Manager Interface

Google Tag Manager Starter Pack - £400

Our Starter Pack is perfect for a brand-new Google Analytics implementation with Google Tag Manager. The pack includes the following commonly used elements:

Basic Pageview Tracking

The standard Google Analytics page tracking tag, which will tell you how different visitors are interacting with the pages on your site.

File Download Tracking

If you offer downloads on your site this data can be sent to Google Analytics, telling you which files are being downloaded and on what pages.

Contact Link Click Tracking

Track clicks on contact type links such as phone numbers, contact forms and email links. Discover which pages on your site are generating enquiries.

Outbound Link Click Tracking

Get more insight into why people are leaving your site. This will allow you to see in Google Analytics whether someone clicks on a link to another site, and what site it was.

Outbound Link Clicks in Google Analytics

Lucky Orange Heatmapping

This is software that provides heatmaps and user journey recordings on your website. Our Tag Manager installation includes access to Lucky Orange for one month to allow you to get even more data about how visitors are interacting with your site.

Access to Lucky Orange data is also included as part of one of our monthly digital marketing packages.

Google Tag Manager Advanced Pack - £600

Want to get a bit more adventurous with your data? Our Advanced Pack includes everything in the starter pack plus the following for more advanced tracking needs:

Scroll depth tracking

Discover how far down your pages people scroll before leaving or switching to another page. Event hits are sent to Google Analytics showing what percentage of each page has been viewed in each session.

Scroll Tracking Events in Google Analytics

Engagement timer tracking

Go beyond standard time on page tracking by finding out how long people stay on different pages. This can be combined with scroll depth tracking to determine which topics or sections of your site are the most engaging.

Cookie control

Add and remove cookies via Google Tag Manager. Useful for when you want to fire tags based on a visitor attribute such as whether they’re a new or returning visitor.

AJAX listening

Many modern sites use AJAX to update content in real-time. This can make elements such as pages with infinite scroll, modal windows or dynamic slideshows difficult to track. This code allows AJAX events to be listened out for, and tags to be fired when they happen.

Google Tag Manager Video Pack - £800

The ultimate tracking setup, our Video Pack gives you everything in the Advanced Pack plus engagement tracking for Youtube or Vimeo videos embedded on your site. This implementation will send video interaction data as event hits to Google Analytics so you’ll know:

  • Which sessions included video plays
  • What videos are played most on your site
  • What proportion of videos people watch

If you don’t need the features in the Advanced Pack, video tracking can be added to the Starter Pack for an additional £200.

Google Tag Manager Training

For an extra leg-up on your Tag Manager journey why not book one of our half-day “Introduction to Google Tag Manager” training sessions. This interactive, classroom style session explains the basic concepts of Tag Manager including how to set up tags, how to decide when a tag is fired and how to use variables to store data. It also explores some more advanced concepts such as custom HTML tags and Javascript.

If there is a specific problem you’re looking to solve with Tag Manager the training can be geared to help.

The session costs just £300 if delivered in one of the Fat Media offices, or £400 at your place of business and can include up to 3 delegates.

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