PR and Events

Grow your brand and engage with your audience through creative PR and Events

PR is all about reputation management. Generating ‘Good PR’ for your brand can make all the difference whatever the size of your business or target market. Here at Fat Media we have a team of experts who have worked on creative PR campaigns for national and international brands. They have seen real results by increasing brand awareness and customer engagement.

Over the last few years PR has seen a major shift in terms of the way information is shared and published. Gone are the days when PR was centred around the creation of a press release with the primary aim of achieving column centimetres in your local or regional newspaper.

Making the most of digital PR opportunities

There are a multitude of digital channels which should form part of your PR distribution strategy. Modern PR is about building good relationships and a contact list that spans regional, national and industry specific platforms, all ready and able to receive your news at the click of a button. At Fat media we have a network of industry journalists and contacts at local, regional and national titles so we are able to distribute newsworthy items easily to the right person, at the right time.

PR is just one element of the content marketing mix, next time you hit ‘save’ on your press release take a few moments to consider how many channels your newly created piece of content could actually be used for. Our experts at Fat Media can show you how to get the most out of both PR and content marketing, there are several highly effective content generation methods which we use to ensure your brand’s storytelling potential is maximised.

Whether you are about to dispatch your 100,000th order, have a celebrity fan or have a member of the team who commutes to work in a canoe, there will be stories in your business which we can use to represent your brand persona and engage your audience!

Event management and promotion

Quite often PR and events can go hand in hand, organising, hosting or sponsoring an event is a fantastic way to meet your customers, fans and stakeholders face to face. Whether you would like to organise an opening, a product launch, a festival or an activities day we can plan and market your event from initial launch to post event PR right here at Fat Media.

We have a number of experienced event professionals within the team who are able to organise media coverage for your event, arrange special guests and create event marketing materials.

To find out more about our PR and events expertise contact us today - we’d love to help.