Over the last few years, Google has caused panic among webmasters and business owners with Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. If your website has suffered a rankings drop, or if you have noticed a sudden decline in search traffic, it might be because of an algorithm update.

Alternatively, this could be the result of a manual link penalty; a Google employee physically removing your site from the top positions in search after seeing unnatural backlinks. We’re very proud of our success rate helping clients clean up their link profiles and have these penalties lifted.


With all penalties, if your site is affected you should act immediately to minimise loss of revenue and regain rankings.

* For more information about how we work, you can check out this Panda Case Study and this Penguin Case Study.


– which outlines how we helped one of the UK’s largest online business directories recover from a Google Panda update*

The Google Panda update and Penguin algorithm

In short, the Panda algorithm acts like Google’s quality control filter for content on the internet. Consequently, the algorithm looks at several factors that determine the quality of each page on your website. If your website’s pages don’t meet the minimum requirements for quality, your entire website could lose traffic.

The Penguin algorithm, on the other hand, assesses the quality of your website’s backlink profile. Thus, Google uses it to target websites with unnatural backlinks. If you have used low quality directories or bought links to try and climb up the search rankings, Penguin could mean that Google has lost trust in your website.

A Manual Link Penalty

Google Penguin is not the same as a manual link penalty. In the vast majority of cases, a manual penalty is only issued to those websites with the most manipulative backlink profiles. If your website is hit with a manual penalty by Google, it could result in you losing almost all organic search to your website.

How Can Fat Media help?

Fat Media employ an expert team of SEO recovery specialists, who know how to perform a full audit of your website to locate any problems. After this, our proven and thorough link removal service will start to bring your traffic back and help your website climb back up the rankings.

How Fat Media Can help with Panda.



 How Fat Media can help with Penguin.


Contact us today and we’ll run an assessment to find out if the latest Google update has affected your website. And if it has, we will then work quickly to ensure your business’s SEO recovery.