An SEO audit is similar to taking your car for a service: regularly servicing your website is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that it runs as well as you expect it to. 

Likewise, regular SEO audits are necessary to make sure that your website is performing to its maximum potential. This means that if your website isn’t properly optimised for search engines, you will miss out on significant levels of traffic and revenue.

How Can Fat Media Help?

Our specialists boast years of technical on-site SEO experience, so we are able to identify and repair any SEO errors that are holding your website back.

In addition, we will compare your website with the main competitors in your market. This way, we’re able to use our findings as the first step in developing an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy geared towards your success.

Our SEO audit will investigate the following:

  • Keyword relevance and usage to ensure your potential customers can find you
  • The freshness of your content – because visitors and search engines love new content!
  • Broken links and errors that are causing your website to lose traffic
  • Site architecture and whether potential customers are finding it difficult to use your site
  • Who is linking to your site and the good, bad and toxic links that are affecting performance
  • Page speed – now a massive ranking factor for Google and other search engines
  • Plus a whole range of other issues that might affect your website’s SEO performance

After we have performed a full SEO audit of website, we’ll present our findings and recommendations. This identifies any faults and provides a clear plan for how we will turn your website into a powerful marketing tool.

So contact us today and ask for an SEO audit to ensure your website is performing to its maximum potential and that you’re not missing out on significant volumes of traffic and revenue.