This process is used to understand what motivates your customers, which will identify the project requirements needed to satisfy them.

Persona Mapping 

Persona Mapping is the process of identifying your core customer groups. This will include attributes such as...

  • demographic data
  • buying habits
  • lifestyle choices
  • values and preferences

All of the above influence how they interact with your brand, and what they need from you.

We generally find that there will be 4-5 different user types for any brand. By looking at how they have engaged with your organisation before, we can identify their needs and wants, and build in solutions to these requirements.

User Stories

Once we have established your core personas, we can create User Stories for each customer group. These are short scenarios which identify the requirements we need to build into your website.

A user story can take the structure of:

“As a business owner, I am looking to gather information on the work Fat Media complete. So that I can make an informed decision on if they are suitable for my needs. Therefore, there needs to be services offering on the website”

As you can see, this mini story highlights what the user needs, why they need it, and how the website can provide it.

This method means your users are constantly being considered when building your project requirements.