Your website's content structure is the background to your user experience. Without a considered and concise website structure, elements such as sales funnels, user journeys & conversions and your overall user experience will cease to exist.

A good website structure, in reality, should not be seen. It should be ‘invisible’, but is a core element to your website that helps a user understand where they need to go to find the information, or buy the product they are looking for.

At Fat Media we constantly strive to make sure your website is intuitive, and reduces the cognitive load on your visitors. Being able to find information or complete an action quickly and simply is often something which can give your site a competitive advantage over another. How many times have you given up on one site and gone to another when the process has been difficult?

What Site Structure Analysis Could Look Like For You

While Site Structure Analysis is a part of all our project processes, we can also offer a more extensive investigation, to fundamentally understand and restructure your existing website and content.

Our full Site Structure Analysis package includes...

  • Discovery and review of the current website and its structure
  • Discovery and planning for any new content that you may want to add
  • Card sorting workshop – in which we produce your new site structure, discuss and plan the strategy within the new methodology
  • Drawing up your new sitemap, with any further recommendations
  • Supporting you in applying the new site structure to your website

With this structure, Fat Media can come to you with impartial, user centric recommendations. This allows you to re-position your website and its content to the audiences that are important to your business goals.