User experience projects are grounded in research, and by conducting creative workshops and activities with your stakeholders and users, we can create a list of project requirements that truly represent what your customers want.

Stakeholder Engagement

A stakeholder session with key members of your team could take many formats, but ultimately, we are trying to discover key information around your user’s needs, with you in mind. During a session, you will see:

  • A stakeholder roundtable, gathering personal and department goals and expectations
  • A stakeholder requirements exercise, which will ask questions like:
    • What do you like about your current offering?
    • What do you dislike or is not working with your current offering?
    • What are your thoughts on your competitors and how they compete with you?
    • What goals are you looking to achieve?
  • Development of early stage user types, using empathy mapping techniques
  • Further defining of goals and key performance indicators

Within this session, we gather an inwards, looking out opinion on the project and how it can be shaped. This helps us move forward with user engagement, where we will get the outside, looking in perspective.

User Engagement 

A user needs workshop can take many forms, but our aim is to find the needs of your users, how they interact with digital media and what this will look like for you. During a workshop we would ask them questions like:

  • What are you looking for from the website? (this gathers their needs)
  • What do you need to gather this information or purchase something? (this gathers the features needed)
  • Would you need any support to use the website and what would that be? (this builds on features and also covers accessibility needs)
  • What would stop you from using the website? (this raises blockers and why they may not be using the current system)
  • Would you go anywhere else to find this information? Where? (this gathers other communication channels and information spaces)

Conducting both these sessions gives a well-rounded view of what all your internal and external stakeholders are looking for from your website – which means we can then build the solutions in from the beginning.