User Testing

User testing is a means of identifying any areas where your website visitors' experience could be improved.

It is a qualitative research method, where we record the person's comments as well as their progress through the site. With user testing we can explore all different elements of your website, which ultimately allows us to test user journeys, conversion funnels, satisfaction and engagement. User testing can take many forms including...

  • A/B testing
  • online testing
  • lab based one to one session
  • coffee shop testing
  • plus many more.

So whether you wish to add a new section to your website, or are planning a full re-design, user testing is a great way to make sure your changes are for the better. We can employ these tactics throughout the build of your new site, meaning you have the real-life data to base your decisions on.

We will recruit relevant users to participate in our research, identifying participants who are similar to your target market in terms of demographic, location, interests and buying habits. If needed, we can also conduct Persona Mapping to identify the best participants for your study.

Our User Testing Lab

Here at Fat Media, we have a dedicated user testing lab based at our Bristol office, which allows us to test your website or prototype in multiple scenarios in a focused manner. Within this space, we can test on a variety of devices, with the added benefit of being with the subject - so we can ask further questions if needed, plus gather extra insight from their facial expressions and body language.