Video Production

Broadcast-quality corporate Videos can enhance the presence of your company's website by displaying products or services in a lot more depth.

More and more companies are recognising that corporate videos, web videos and DVDs are amongst the most versatile and easily accessible ways to reach their customers and bring their business to life.

Content marketing and video

Television has become such an integral part of our lives, people can now easily access videos on the move by using their phones, tablets and computers. Moving images are subsequently a powerful and effective way to communicate your message directly to your target market.

With content marketing fast becoming the foundation of marketing strategies going forward, what better time to consider the many videos that could be created for your business?
Our team will work with you to come up with creative and engaging ideas to suit your audience, whatever your industry sector.

New product launch

Why not take advantage of accessibility through portable devices by creating a video to enhance your product launch, that can be seen anywhere at any time. It could be used as a welcome to customers on your website, as a backdrop at an exhibition, to deliver year end reports to investors, or even educate staff about new or correct procedures.

With over 25 years worth of experience, our production team produces creative programming that will powerfully deliver your message to your target market, tailored to your budget and deadline.
Whatever your video needs, Fat Media has the creativity, skills and experience to deliver your message with visual impact and maximum effect.

Louise Farley, Marketing Manager at Foresight Group, said: "The three videos produced for Foresight Group were not only fantastic in quality, but were turned around quickly and attributed to the professional image of the company.
Filming is never easy for people that aren’t, first and foremost, presenters by profession - however your team conducted a very smooth running that soon eased Foresight’s investment managers so that they relaxed in front of the cameras.
Investor and adviser feedback from the final output was extremely complementary to our brand, all of which is thanks to your production team.”


If you would like to discuss the creation of a corporate or viral video for your company, contact us today.