Viral Games

Addictive Viral Games are designed to increase website traffic and capture valuable data, offering your customers a fun way to connect to you.

We create bespoke viral games that are designed to increase website traffic, capture valuable data and get your brand seen. Our approach to designing viral games is all based around understanding your business, the target audiences and campaign objectives.


Our Digital Marketing Consultants will work with our viral game Designers to come back to you with game concept ideas. We will then work with you to refine these concepts and create a storyboard covering the key design elements of the viral game. Once the viral game concept is agreed we then turn this in to a fully interactive game and animate all of the viral game characteristics.


Then comes the fun part of testing the games (our favourite bit!) and we will work with you to change some of the variables as the game play. All of our viral game designs are fully pilot tested to ensure the difficulty level and addictiveness are correct for the target audience groups.

Data Capture Forms

The final stage of the viral game production is adding all of the data capture forms and high score tables so you can catch valuable contact data from your viral marketing campaign. We can include elements to the Flash viral games that will help build your email database or promote your products, such as high-score functionality, promotion codes and voucher downloads.


After this we will work with you to encourage the spread of viral games through email marketing, social media, forum submissions and online PR.

At the end of a viral campaign you will be given a full report on its effectiveness to help you use the email data collected for future digital marketing campaigns.

We have delivered hundreds of successful viral marketing campaigns for clients and, although a fun and addictive viral game is imperative, the correct marketing of the viral games is equally as important.

Contact us and speak to one of our Digital Marketing Consultants about how our viral game design service can help bring your website more traffic, boost data collection and enhance sales.