Website Animation

Website animation, if used correctly, can give your website a dynamic look and feel, drawing attention to your USPs or the content that counts.

Being creative with the animation of your website content can help conversion rates and helps engage users with your messages.

Whether it is to emphasise certain points and themes or demonstrate how products or services work, website animation in your design can be used to simply bring static elements to life.

Where it may prove difficult for users to understand through text or demonstrate how a process works, Fat Media will deliver an animated alternative that may be more suited and help users digest the content.

Website animation and interactivity can also include displaying video on a website. An added advantage to creating video content for your website is its’ flexibility to be implemented in other areas. Also, it doesn't just have to remain an online feature, but can be used elsewhere as a promotional tool whether via a laptop, smart phone or large screen. There is also potential to go viral, for which the digital marketing team can employ social media sharing widgets or create formats that can be emailed out to subscribers.

Content Marketing

At a time when content marketing is very much at the heart of many marketing strategies, exploring new ways to entertain your target audience with a well-executed piece of useful content can really improve brand awareness and also impact online conversion rates.

Using animations effectively

High quality animated graphics can be used in many ways alongside the creation of video clips, for example:

  • website interactive tools
  • online games
  • presentations
  • animated banner ads
  • email footers

Our talented Fat Media animation team can produce high quality 3D graphics as stills or animations. In the past our 3D work has featured on TV, film and websites across the UK.

We also offer a full video production service alongside animations – link to video

If you would like to find out more why not get in touch, we would be delighted to send examples of our work and talk to you in more detail about bespoke animations and content creation for your business.