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Small Business Website Design

‘Working alongside Small Businesses to achieve the most professional, user-friendly and efficient website design.'

We at Fat Media understand that being a small business, every aspect of your website is of paramount importance. We fully appreciate that you need to be one step ahead of your competitors; and with our website design and resources we can make this happen.

We will meet with you to discuss all aspects of the project, and we will work together with you, utilising our resources, to create the outcome that you envisage.

We understand that being a small business, your website is a vital piece of branding and marketing that you need to get right. Our team have an abundance of experience and can put exactly what you want into a visual form. They will concentrate on not only the design of the site, but the efficiency and effectiveness too; looking at navigation, target audience, colours and contrast to entice the user whilst directing them to your products or services.

As a small business; we understand that website design and usability is extremely important. Not only will our experienced team listen to your requirements, but they will strike the perfect balance between design and functionality, making your website extremely user friendly and being most effective in getting the information that you want across to the user in a visually stunning way.

Social media and your small business website design

There are many different aspects that we can incorporate into your website and beyond to help you reach as many potential customers as possible; these include utilising the power of Social Media marketing (i.e. Twitter and Facebook), Email marketing, pay per click and more. We have dedicated members of staff in each of these areas that can discuss your options with you, to ensure that you as a small business get the greatest return on your investment.

SEO and your small business website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will also play a part in the process, again helping you to reach as many potential customers as possible. We will also train you in using our advanced CMS system, to allow you to manage your new website efficiently.

As part of our small business website design, we will work with you every step of the way, providing our knowledge and experience alongside your vision to get the perfect outcome for you.

Please contact us on 01524 548948 to find out more about our Small Business Website Design.

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