Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail Setup Guide

  1. In Thunderbird select 'Tools > Account Settings > Add Account'. Click 'Email account' and click 'Next'.


  2. Complete 'Your Name' and 'Email Address' then click 'Next'.

  3. Next you are asked for server information.
  4. Choose 'POP'.
  5. Enter your 'Incoming Server' name as provided.
  6. Do not tick the box 'Use Global Inbox'.
  7. Enter your 'Outgoing Server' name as provided. Click 'Next'.


  8. You are now asked for user information.
  9. Fill in your 'Incoming User Name' - this is the same as your 'Account Username'.
  10. Leave the 'Outgoing User Name' blank. Click 'Next'.


  11. You are now asked what you would like to call your Thunderbird account. Type a name and click 'Next'.


  12. You'll now see a summary of all the details you entered during setup. Check that everything is setup how you'd like it to be, if anything is wrong, just click 'Back' and enter the right information. Click 'Finish'.

  13. The outgoing server now requires authentication. Select 'Tools' and then 'Account Settings'. Click on 'Outgoing Server (SMTP)' then highlight the account and click on 'Edit'.

  14. Add a 'Description' and enter the 'Server name' (outgoing server) and your 'Username' as provided. Tick the box 'Use name and password' and click 'OK' to finish.


Please be sure to have followed all of the stages above, or you may lose some emails! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01524 590435.