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Your tone-of-voice i.e. “what you say and how you say it”, is just as important as your logo and certainly should be regarded as a crucial element of your brand’s visual identity.

As distinct and unique as your organisation and the people within it, tone-of-voice is based on a variety of influences including your brand’s positioning, values, personality and organisational culture, as well as the target audience groups you are looking to engage with and positively influence.

Your tone-of-voice and the writing style it is communicated through needs to be versatile – changing subtly for the different channels used to communicate internally and with the outside world e.g. web, print, social media etc. It also needs to adapt, so that it remains relevant and appropriate to the various target audiences it is intended to appeal to.

Based on the same discovery process used for creating new brand identities/logo, a brand audit supported by additional standalone desk enables us an agency to better understand your brand essence – its DNA if you like. This provides us with the insight and understanding required to make recommendations as to what your brand’s tone-of-voice should be across a range of communication scenarios - formalised in a tone-of-voice guidelines document which forms the basis of all your internal and external-facing communications.

To learn more about tone-of-voice and any of our other branding services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team.

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