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A website design agency that builds fast, reliable and scalable websites

Our expertise

Fat Media offers a range of web design and development services. We specialise in WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and Umbraco platforms, all of which are powerful and customisable options for e-commerce and lead generation. Our experts can help you build a fully-functional online solution that is optimised for speed, reliability, and scalability.

If you are looking for a website platform that is easy to use and highly customisable, our platforms are an excellent choice. By choosing us as your website design agency, we will build a website that is optimised for lead generation or e-commerce, and provide ongoing support to ensure that your website meets your unique needs.


Flexible and adaptable
Completely customisable to suit your brief.
Intuitive and easy to manage admin dashboard.
Excellent Google ranking
Searchability is key to ranking high on Google and other search engines.
Mobile responsive
Build to work across all devices.

We discover

Created from your brief, we discover your business’s needs. Our experts will work with you at all points to advise on the best solution to achieve your goals.

We create

With over 1,200 websites launched in nearly two decades of business, our creative web design team are the perfect partners to create a user-centric and highly converting website that will help you grow.

We build

Built on a solid platform, our developers will achieve a best in class solution, bringing the creative alive.

Open Source

Putting you in control

Open source Content Management Systems (CMS) provide you and your users with a high degree of control over your website’s content and functionality.

Unlike proprietary a CMS, an open source CMS offers greater flexibility and customisability, enabling you to tailor your website to your specific needs.

This level of control empowers you to create unique and engaging online experiences, without the limitations imposed by a proprietary CMS.

Solid Frameworks

Bespoke to you

An open source CMS is highly customisable, making it the ideal solution to create websites with the best user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) experiences.

Unlike a proprietary CMS which limits customisation options, this level of flexibility ensures that we can create a website that offers an optimal user experience and converts visitors into customers.

Open source CMS communities offer a range of extensions, plugins, and templates that enable you to build on your website and align it with your goals. With an open source CMS, the possibilities for customisation are endless.


We've helped scaling businesses like yours achieve their digital goals.