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Now the dust has settled after Digital City Festival 2020, we’ve gathered some of the best bits from the amazing talks and masterclasses that took place during the two-day Expo (including our own, of course!).

Read on for our event highlights…

Tackling Uncertainty

Presenting at Digital City Expo 2020

With concerns over COVID-19 rising whilst the event took place, our talk on digital strategy in an unpredictable world couldn’t have been more relevant.

Led by Alexei Lee, our Head of Comms, the talk covered the importance of balancing long-term goal setting with preparedness, building in the ability to change tack if the need arises.

“In these complex times, you need a direction of travel, but avoid over-planning and being too fixated on the detail of delivery timings.” said Alexei, when offering his five strategy tips, “…you need to be nimble and ready to adapt if curve balls are thrown your way. Use a framework, not a bible.”

Crowd-Sourcing Creativity

Other talks we attended over the two-day event were equally as insightful. In Nick Entwistle’s ‘The Power of Community’ talk, he discussed notable campaigns he’s worked on, including the #LyttleFight C-word video, and how the creative community he runs through One Minute Briefs has helped him deliver great work, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Nick’s work with the One Minute Briefs’ community is a great demonstration of being reactive amid changing circumstances!

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

We also attended Domonique Elsey’s talk on preparing for the future of customer experience. Dominique is an Enterprise Marketing Specialist at Hootsuite, and thanks to the company’s research department, she is in a great position to understand and discuss up and coming industry trends. Dominique discussed the pressure that companies are feeling as they try to evolve and innovate as new social media platforms are popping-up each year. She warns, “switching to what’s on-trend could result in meaningless content” as businesses try to chase what’s cool, rather than what works.

Trusting in Influence

Carla Faria, Chief Revenue Officer at Takumi, discussed trust issues in influencer marketing, and the twists and turns the influencer landscape has seen in recent years: “The industry and influencers themselves are, rightly so, under more scrutiny than ever.” This interesting talk tied nicely back to our own, by exploring the uncertainties that influencers face, and how producing authentic and highly relevant content can be an unpredictable process.


We were thrilled to be part of Digital City Expo, and a part of the amazing series of talks and masterclasses held throughout the event.


If you want to know more about digital strategy in an unpredictable world, keep an eye out for our next blog post, or simply get in touch if you want to chat about how we can help.