Yotel is a YO! Company that operates transit hotels at airports founded by Simon Woodroffe and Gerard Greene. Its rooms are larger than those in capsule hotels yet ideal for airport travellers and city slickers alike. Yotel hotels can now be found in London, Amsterdam, Paris & New York, with plans to open several more globally.


Our Role

Yotel have worked with Fat Media to revolutionise their online booking process by enhancing the usability of the website. The key aim of the site is to boost visitor engagement, retention and ultimately improve direct booking conversion rates. It is important that the site fully reflects the nature of the Yotel brand, a quick and easy booking process is at the core of the company’s objectives as they aim to fulfil their mission to create a 'First class experience at an affordable price'.

We're extremely proud that this project was named 'Digital Project of the Year' at the 2017 UK IT Industry Awards.


  • Improved booking process and checkout
  • Rates display with improved clarity
  • Localisation of rates in multiple currencies
  • View bookings feature for guests to amend quickly and easily

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