Case study: Transforming Art of Wishes’

Art of Wishes, a charity organisation founded in 2017, approached us with a unique challenge.


The goal was to strike a balance between conveying the inclusivity of the charity’s mission and impact, while showcasing the creativity of their projects and collaborations. Their efforts have successfully raised over £9 million for Make-A-Wish UK, benefiting thousands of children with critical illnesses across the UK.


We took on the task of redesigning Art of Wishes’ website, aiming to create an effective and user-friendly platform that truly reflected their brand and the power of making wishes come true. Delivering a visually beautiful website and implementing best in class code base to create a WordPress self managed CMS.

“We were delighted with the final website for Art of Wishes. The team at Fat Media did a great job of bringing our new branding to life and building a website that could accommodate all the content we wanted to include.”

Art of Wishes - Make a Wish

Visual Enhancement

By adopting a lighter colour palette and minimalistic design, we enhanced the website’s visual appeal, allowing the impactful imagery to take center stage. This approach ensured that the creative collaborations between artists and the charity were prominently featured, conveying their mission and impact.


Recognising the importance of user engagement, we integrated interactive elements, including video content, throughout the website. This not only made the site more captivating but also encouraged visitors to explore the wide array of creative projects Art of Wishes has been involved in.

Brand Consistency

To communicate the impact and results achieved by Art of Wishes, we incorporated their wider brand palette and typography. This created a cohesive visual identity, further strengthening their message and values. The result was a website that seamlessly balanced creativity and accessibility.

A beautifully crafted experience

Designed and build from the ground up to showcase the stunningness of the well crafted brand married with pragmatic UX methodologies.

Before beginning the website development process, the development team conducted a series of meetings with the Art of Wishes team to understand their goals, target audience, and desired functionalities. The main objectives were identified as follows: