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Age Concern Launch WTF Lancashire Campaign ‘what the flock!’

Fat Media were invited by client Age Concern to their launch of the WTF Lancashire campaign. Age Concern have created the WTF ‘What the Flock’ Lancashire campaign to raise awareness and essential funds for the estimated 35,000 chronically lonely older people of Lancashire.

The campaign centres around ‘Lonk the Lonely Sheep’ who is from a rare breed of sheep called the ‘Lonk’ bred in Lancashire for hundreds of years. Lonk is sad and isolated on a hill until the sheep from nearby hillside understand that Lonk needs support and that they ‘give a flock’ about Lonk’s wellbeing.

Age Concern are asking the public to ‘flock together’ and support the campaign by donating money to the fundraiser.

The cartoons for the campaign were illustrated by the renowned and very talented cartoonist for The Private Eye and The Spectator as well as many others, Tony Husband.

Ian Ireland, one of Fat Media’s account directors attended the event and was happy to be involved with helping Age Concern and the crisis of loneliness facing Lancashire’s older community. He even got the chance to meet one of the rare Lonk sheep! Fat Media are glad to have contributed to Age Concern’s fundraising efforts and wish them all the best with the WTF campaign.

Click the logo below for more information on how you can contribute support Age Concern and the many lonely older people in Lancashire.