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Securing a position on the DOS 4 portal

Fat Media are pleased to announce we have been accepted onto the DOS 4 framework which is part of the Digital Marketplace for public sector organisations.

We also recently secured a place on the G-Cloud 11 portal. Our place on both these portals means that we will be able to provide a comprehensive and harmonious public sector procurement service.

Fat Media have produced a number of public sector sites over the years, working with organisations such as:- Christie NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Careers, Ministry of Defence, UK Export Finance, Public Health England, the Medical Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Healthcare Education England, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Greater London Authority and Client Practice Data Link (CPRD) to list just a few examples. Our wealth of experience in the public sector is incomparable and we’re eager to get started on new projects!

David Lillington, our Group Director of Strategy, said “being accepted onto the DOS 4 following the G-Cloud portal demonstrates the good work our team has carried out for our public sector clients over the years. We are delighted at the possibility of new projects and the team are very much looking forward to the challenges to come.”