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We’re thrilled to announce that we are finalists within the 2023 Prolific North Marketing Awards for our collaboration with Art of Wishes on the redesign of their website.  

Art of Wishes is dedicated to supporting Make-A-Wish UK, raising vital funds to support making children’s dreams come true. To amplify their fundraising efforts, Art of Wishes enlisted our help to create an online platform that truly reflected the brand and was optimised to engage visitors to support their cause. Our team delivered a visually stunning WordPress website that embraced inclusivity and interactivity, incorporating videos to boost engagement with the content and encourage users to spend more time on the website immersing themselves in the core values of the brand.  

As we eagerly await the results of the Prolific North Marketing Awards, there’s no doubt the impact of the relaunched website and how rewarding our contribution to its success has been. By blending creativity, inclusivity, and compelling storytelling in web design the collaboration between Fat Media and Art of Wishes has seen impressive results with a surge in traffic, extended user engagement, and a significant increase in donations. The true success of this venture is evident in Art of Wishes raising an incredible £9 million for Make-A-Wish UK, demonstrating the power of effective digital representation and strategic collaboration. We were incredibly proud to aid Art of Wishes in their hard work in making dreams come true for countless children.  

Be sure to check out the other award categories and nominees and read more about our work with Art of Wishes.   

Winners will be announced October 12th at the awards night held at Manchester United Football club.