Allens of Kingsbury, optimising Google Ads campaigns to generate over £1million in revenue.

Discover how a new paid strategy helped an established swim retailer achieve a 72% surge in ROAS.

Allens Swimwear wanted help to improve its Google Ads campaigns and optimise the ROI of key products across its online store. A family-run business that supplies swimwear and equipment across the world, Allens Swimwear was established in 1976. It stocks a variety of swimwear and equipment suitable for all levels of swimming.

What We Delivered

Paid Advertising Strategy

Including detailed keyword research analysis and categorisation of website products. See the results below...


Million in revenue


Increase in ROAS


Conversion rate

How did we do it?

Paid Strategy

After careful consideration, it was evident that a well-defined and comprehensive paid strategy was imperative to enhance the overall effectiveness and success of the products. This strategic approach aimed to specifically cater to the needs and preferences of a particular subset within the audience — swimming enthusiasts and athletes. By focusing on this niche market segment, we anticipated a significant boost in product performance, as well as an opportunity to foster stronger connections and loyalty among the target customers.

Keyword Research

The dedicated team of paid media specialists recognised the importance of optimising brand search campaigns to maximize their impact. With a meticulous approach, they embarked on an extensive keyword research analysis, delving deep into the intricacies of search behavior and trends. This in-depth examination allowed them to identify and select highly relevant and strategic keywords that best align with the brand objectives. Armed with this valuable insight, our specialists proceeded to restructure the campaigns, ensuring a more targeted and impactful approach to amplify the brand’s visibility and attract a broader audience.

Optimising Performance with Categorisation

We ensured that shopping campaigns had the opportunity to have a detailed categorisation of the products found across Allens’ site, including clothing, accessories, health and beauty products, and all things in between. Through categorisation, we could ensure the budget prioritised the most profitable products, helping deliver the highest ROAS possible and optimise conversion rates.

Since diving into Allens’ Google Ads campaigns, we have generated £1million in revenue.

Implementing a new paid strategy resulted in a conversion rate of over 10% and an increase in ROAS from 1150% to 1950%. Additionally, in Q2 of 2021 our activity saw a 3000% ROAS.