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Our Challenge

Maximum Adventure are a Cumbrian-based adventure travel company, offering guided and self-guided trekking, climbing and cycling trips in both the UK and abroad. 

Their existing website posed a number of problems, both to customers and the Maximum Adventure team. Chief among these was a third party booking system that left a lot to be desired!

What We Delivered

  • Logo redraw

    Refreshing the brand logo

  • Website design

    A user friendly interface

  • Website development

    A smooth ecommerce solution

  • Integrated booking system

    Using custom WooCommerce

Custom WooCommerce

We have removed the third party application and all bookings are now made directly through the WooCommerce platform. This required some extensive customisation to the platform, in order to give Maximum Adventure all the functionality and flexibility they need.

For example, a trip booked over ten weeks in advance would take an initial deposit, followed by a final payment, whereas a trip booked within ten weeks would be paid in full on booking. We have built in the functionality to apply deposit rules based on the dates specified in the booking, so that the customer always sees the correct payment plan for their trip.

We have also extended the checkout process from the standard WooCommerce workflow, to incorporate additional extras such as supplements for a private room over a dorm room, for example, as well as a charitable donation option.

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Clear, Concise Information

Navigation was a real problem that we needed to solve, and so a new burger menu with clear sections for each customer group has been created. Meanwhile on search result pages, filters and ordering options allow users to more easily narrow down their search.

We have also used icons to give users a clear but succinct summary of the length, difficulty and activity type of each trip on the results pages – helping them see which are most relevant to them without having to click through to the detail page. Once on the detail page, we have implemented accordion displays to prevent information overload, while still presenting the deep level of detail customers are looking for when planning their adventure.

A Clever CMS

Meanwhile, the Maximum Adventure team have far superior content management system (CMS) giving them the flexibility to add and amend content without the need for development support. They also have excellent reporting functions for bookings, and are able to export all customer data in one click; where previously they were cutting and pasting field after field in a very time-consuming, manual process.

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