Maximum Adventure, Increasing bookings by 200% with custom commerce

Find out how our bespoke web design saw online bookings soar 221% for a leading adventure travel company.

Our challenge

Fat Media’s goal was simple: to build a site that would generate more bookings while also delivering a seamless user experience and implementing a cleverly designed CMS.

Maximum Adventure is a Cumbrian-based adventure travel company, offering guided and self-guided trekking, climbing, and cycling trips in both the UK and abroad. Their existing website was struggling to meet consumer expectations, which made it difficult for customers to find the tour they wanted.

Which resulted in...

Enquiries increasing by 195%


Bookings increasing by 221%


Organic bookings increasing by 200%


Sessions increasing 92%


Users increasing 82%


How did we do it?

We worked closely with the Maximum Adventure team to understand what their customers wanted and map out the key issues surrounding the websites user experience. We also identified an opportunity to improve the eCommerce platform by replacing the existing third-party booking system.

Optimising the Integrated Booking System

We removed the third-party application and integrated a booking system that works directly through the WooCommerce platform. Through extensive customisation of the platform, we made sure Maximum Adventure could access the functionality and flexibility that they needed to deliver an excellent booking experience.

This included building the functionality to apply deposit rules based on the dates specified in the booking, so that the customer always sees the correct payment plan for their trip.
We’ve also extended the checkout process from the standard WooCommerce workflow, to incorporate additional extras such as supplement for a private room over a dorm room, and a charitable donation option.

Maximum Adventure continues to receives bookings, with sales exceeding that of pre-pandemic levels thanks to the digital marketing efforts of the fm. team.

Across all devices

Making the process either on mobile or desktop seamless, we pushed the user experience and CRO testing to the ‘max’ to make sure every user type could achieve their goal.

Multi Language

Allowing visitors from other countries navigate the site with little interuption.

Tone of Voice

Friendly but authoritative tone of voice sets MA as an approachable business who ‘know their stuff’ * (they really do!)

Off Canvas Navigation

Allowing the navigation to be a clean as possible and only signpost the core elements a user needs to start their advanture

Trust Indicators

Giving the user the peace of mind that someone is always at the end of the phone.

Art Direction

Using real photographs from real adventures sets the tone of the visual aspect of this site.

SImplified Interface

A simple user interface allows the site visitors to return results quickly and precisly

The results

Despite the impact of Covid-19, the website achieved impressive ROI in just six weeks. Reflecting on statistics between June 1st 2021 and May 31st 2022, we have generated an extremely high return on investment for Maximum Adventure. They saw enquiries increase by 195% and booking increase by 221%. Organic bookings also rose considerably, by 200%

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