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2020 has certainly not been the year any of us had planned, but it’s clear that the implications of the pandemic are here to stay for a little while longer. So, if you are looking at how to adapt and progress your marketing strategy over the short or long term, here are three areas we think are some of the most important to prioritise right now.

Focus on Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics to monitor on your website. A lot of hard work goes into driving traffic to your website, so it would be a huge disservice to that work to only convert a handful of visitors.


Don’t think that this is going to be a huge task – sometimes a small change can make a world of difference! For example, consider adding a product review or client testimonial segment, to boost your credibility and offer reassurance to prospective customers that their hard-earned cash will be well-spent with you.

Another simple improvement can be to the copy you’re using on your call-to-action buttons. Instead of the standard ‘find out more’ or ‘contact us’ statements, consider something more unique and in-keeping with your brand’s tone of voice. You might have noticed that we use ‘get in touch’, for example. Something a little more friendly and personable – like us!

Keep in Touch

It’s clear that fluctuating conditions are here to stay, so if your business has to adapt to the changing guidance, it’s vital to keep your customers informed.

Social media icons.

Social media marketing and email marketing are the perfect low-cost way to do this, it will reassure your customers that you are operating in a safe way, and ensure they know exactly what to expect when buying from you.

For businesses with a high-street presence, Facebook Live is an easy way to show your customers what to expect – for example, you can walk through your new one-way system or demonstrate how orders are processed and collected in a safe way.

Grow Your Online Visibility

With reduced social interaction comes reduced word-of-mouth recommendations, so Google searches are more important than ever. Whether it’s using tactical SEO to get your brand appearing organically, or strategic paid adverts to ensure you’re top of the page for the most relevant terms, we can’t recommend these tactics enough right now.

Attract customers with SEO and PPC.

It’s no secret that SEO is more suited to medium term goals, which is why a combined approach with PPC is the perfect way to ensure your site is visible for all your most valuable terms. Paid search gets some of the quickest results of any marketing tactic, and you have complete budget control, so there’s no possible chance of overspending or having to invest a lot before you start to see a return on your investment.

Ready to Restart?

If you would like to learn more about our SEO agency or PPC agency, as well as the best ways to use your marketing budget, please get in touch – we’re more than happy to discuss ideas and help prioritise your actions, whether you deliver them in house or with our support.

Say hello on 01524 548 948 or drop us a message and we’ll get back to you.