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What SMEs Need to Know 

SEO is becoming more personalised and relevant as AI algorithms analyse user behaviour and predict search intent. 

SME’s need to know about the impact of AI on SEO and how they can stay ahead of the curve. In other words, you need to learn to think like a robot if you want to survive in the world of SEO, or do you? 

AI has a major impact on SEO because it affects how search engines rank websites. AI algorithms can analyse vast amounts of data, including user behaviour and website content, to determine the relevance and authority of a website. This means that websites providing high-quality, relevant content will be more likely to rank higher in search results, while those that don’t may be penalised.  

Why Is Voice Search Impacting SEO?

Voice search is AI, and it’s impacting your SEO. As more and more people use voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Home, it’s imperative for you to optimise your websites for voice search. This includes using long-tail keywords, natural language, and creating a mobile-friendly website that is optimised for local search. 

For example, when people search by voice, they speak their natural language rather than adjusting for using written search engines. Therefore, it is imperative for websites to include natural language phrases in their content in order to be more easily found.

27% of the global online population uses voice search on their mobile devices.

Think with Google

Voice search is different from traditional search engine optimisation because it relies on natural language instead of keywords. This means that websites need to be optimised for keywords that people would naturally use in conversation, as well as for local search terms. For example, if a user searches for a nearby restaurant, they may use a phrase such as “Where can I find a good Italian restaurant near me?” instead of typing in “Italian restaurant near me.” Additionally, it’s a necessity to have a mobile-friendly website that is optimised for voice search, as many voice assistants are used on mobile devices. 

Is Local Search Relevant for My Business?

Local search is becoming increasingly relevant as people search for products and services in their surrounding area. You need to ensure that your website is optimised for local search, including providing accurate information about your location, hours of operation, and contact information. AI algorithms can also help you rank higher in local search results by analysing your online presence, including your website, social media profiles, and online reviews. 

With the help of AI algorithms, you can take your local search optimisation a step further and rank higher in local search results. This will help you increase visibility and reach more customers in your area. Using AI algorithms, you can identify optimisation opportunities that aren’t visible to the human eye by processing a lot of data quickly and efficiently. They can also analyse customer sentiment and feedback, helping you understand what they are saying about your business online. This can give you insights into the customer experience and help you make improvements to your online presence that can increase your rank in local search results. 

Increase Online Visibility and Attract New Customers

In conclusion, the impact of AI on SEO is significant and SMEs need to be prepared to adapt to these changes. By focusing on high-quality, relevant content, optimising for voice search, and ensuring that your website is optimised for local search, your business can stay ahead of the curve and reach your target audience effectively. By doing so, you can increase your online visibility and attract new customers, helping you grow your business faster. 

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